Mahalo Mallory & Kelly for being so fun to photograph your Maui wedding at the Royal Lahaina!

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A fantastic wedding coordinated at the Royal Lahaina Resort!
Location & Coordination:
Harpist Kristine Snyder:


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Congrats Rishi & Kranti on your Maui wedding at Andaz in Wailea, Maui!
Location: Andaz Wailea Maui

Wedding Photography: Sean Michael Hower

Hi Sean, We thank you for the beautiful memories of our wedding. You captured our wedding in Maui, with an excellent combination of creativity and professionalism. Your attention to detail is so obvious in our photos. Your photography combined with the unbelievable locations that you selected for a variety of wedding photos was simply amazing. We still can’t believe how your photography made us look so ‘good’!!!! We can’t thank you enough. Will give you a call in 10 years time, when we plan to renew our wedding vows in the gorgeous location of Maui.  Yours Sincerely David and Natalie Baumann Sydney, Australia 003 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 009 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 032 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 044 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 055 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 067 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 071 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 077 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 080 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 100 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 108 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 116 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 130 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 132 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 139 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 140 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 144 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 145 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 148 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 178 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2 192 Sean M. Hower(c)2013-2